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Arctic Business Forum 2019 – Responsible growth in the Arctic

Start date: 2019-05-09 - End date: 2019-05-10

Location: Rovaniemi, Finland

Arctic Business Forum 2019 – Responsible growth in the Arctic

News from Lapland:

The 10th Arctic Business Forum will be organized 9. – 10. of May 2019 at Rovaniemi Finland. The theme for this year’s forum is Responsible Growth in the Arctic. Arctic Business Forum bonds the business representatives and international investors of the Arctic Region and offers valuable information about the possibilities and future investment potential of the Arctic region. Aim is to scrutinize the future and build network and relationships among region’s various representatives.
The Arctic Europe holds investment potential worth of at least 162 billion. In the forum will be presented the latest news in business development in this region. The speakers in the Arctic Business Forum are the key representatives and stakeholders on various branch of Arctic industry.
Welcome to the Arctic Business Forum 2019 to bond with other Arctic business representatives and stakeholders working together for the Arctic prosperity!

Registration for Arctic Business Forum 2019 will open shortly!

our Past EVENTs

Norwegian-Lithuanian-Finnish Business Lunch

Date: 2019-04-25

Time: 12:00 - 13:00

Location: restaurant Mykolo 4

Norwegian-Lithuanian-Finnish Business Lunch

Norwegian-Lithuanian-Finnish Business Lunch!

Relaxed environment , easy  to make contacts and raise the profile of your business!

One of the hot topics right now for many businesses, organisations and even nations is sustainability. Among most interesting findings is that along with extracting oil from the earth, energy can also be derived from… coffee.

The lunch will start with a short, but inspiring presentation by Mindaugas Čalka, Director of „Paulig Coffee Lietuva“ who will tell us how coffee ground waste can serve as a sustainable energy source. Join in 90 minutes of great conversation, information sharing and learning about other interesting people and their businesses.

Cost for NLCC & FLCC Members is 20€/person; for non-members – 27€/person.

2019 Presidential debate

Date: 2019-04-11

Time: 10:00 - 12:00

Location: Radisson Blu hotel, Konstitucijos pr. 20

2019 Presidential debate

FLCC members will participate in Presidential debate 2019! The future president will be one among them! Come and  be active!

Social evening in the studio of painter Vilmantas Marcinkevičius

Date: 2019-04-05

Time: 18:00 - 20:00

Social evening in the studio of painter Vilmantas Marcinkevičius

On Friday, April 5 FLCC members are invited to the studio of painter  Vilmantas Marcinkevičius.  In his cosy studio, spring behind the windows and a artist atmosphere the members will get to know more about the artist’s personality, hear about his works and current projects. Drinks and snacks will will be served in these creative artistic surroundings. Worth to book the evening for this Friday!

Annual General Meeting 2019

Date: 2019-03-28

Time: 17:00 - 18:30

Location: Embassy of Finland, Aura Hall

Annual General Meeting 2019

The Annual General meeting will be held at the Embassy of Finland, Aura Hall on Thursday, March 28 and will be followed by a dinner. The guest of honor will be announced soon. It is important that you mark this date to you calendars!

Association members visit to Paulig Company

Date: 2019-03-19

Time: 09:00-10:30

Location: Ukmergės g. 369 A

Association members visit to Paulig Company

During the visit to Paulig the association members will be introduced to the project that has been performed by Paulig, will find out how socially responsible the coffee business is. The day will start with a taste of Paulig coffee!

FLCC member visit – Baltic-American Medical & Surgical Clinic

Date: 2019-02-27

FLCC member visit –  Baltic-American Medical & Surgical Clinic

It is very important, especially for the newcomers or visitors in Lithuania, to know that they can get a quick access to supreme health care when  needed. Baltic-American Medical & Surgical Clinic is a Western-quality 24-hour medical and surgical facility,  not restricted by the constraints of the state sector and recognized by most foreign insurance companies. We want our members and visitors to know about it! The visit to Baltic American Clinic for FLCC members is  planned for Wednesday, February 27.

Late Sunday breakfast at gastronomic Skybar, Radisson Blu

Date: 2019-02-17

Time: 12:00 - 15:00

Location: Radisson Blu Skybar

Late Sunday breakfast at gastronomic Skybar, Radisson Blu

This Sunday brunch in Sky bar is exceptionally Lithuanian. The theme is  Independence! Come to meet your friends, family or partners in lazy relaxed place, friendly not only to you but kids as well!   Live music creates  good atmosphere, meals are gourmet,  good vibes and a charge of positivity  for the whole day is a good receipe:).

Visit to Tauragė Industrial Park

Date: 2019-02-15

Visit to Tauragė Industrial Park

The Nordic Chambers of Commerce in Lithuania invite you to a joint regional business trip to Taurage on 15th February, 2019. The aim is to visit the Nordic manufacturers successfully operating in Taurage Industrial Park and to meet the Mayor of Taurage Disctrict to raise awareness about the business environment and investment opportunities in Taurage region. If interested, don’t hesitate to contact.

„What is happening in the Banking Sector in Lithuania?“

Date: 2019-02-07

Time: 9:15

Location: K Kalinausko 24, Finnish Embassy,

„What is happening in the Banking Sector in Lithuania?“

Breakfast session with Jekaterina Rojaka and Aleksandr Izgorodin

The event will be held in the Aura hall of the Finnish Embassy, K Kalinausko 24.
The session will start at 9:15 AM, registration will be open from 8:30AM.

Nordic Business Lunch

Date: 2019-01-24

Time: 10:00 - 13:00

Location: Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square

Nordic Business Lunch

As our tradition to have lunch with the ministers in January continues we are inviting you to participate in the joint Nordic lunch with the Minister of Finance Vilius Šapoka and and the Vice-Minister of Economy and Innovation Marius Skuodis on Thursday, January 24, from 10:30 to 13:00 o’clock at Kempinski hotel.