New administrative regulation after April 1st. Most important aspects for companies and their management

2016 / 03 / 08
     Business Breakfast: New administrative regulation after 1st April. Most important aspects for companies and their management

Date and time: 23.03.2016, 09.00 - 10.00 (registration from 8.30)

Location: Finnish - Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, K. Kalinausko str. 24, Vilnius

Working language(s): English

Speakers(s): Odeta Maksvytytė, MA

Law Firm VARUL together with Finnish–Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce is organizing a business breakfast seminar „New administrative regulation after 1st April: most important aspects for companies and their management“. Firm‘s senior associate Odeta Maksvytytė will present the new administrative regulation that will come into force on 1st of April and will discuss the most important aspects that will influence business activities.

The seminar will address the following topics:

    The concept of administrative offences. Administrative penalties and measures of administrative impact. Particularities of imposing them.

Which general provisions are going to be amended? What circumstances are going to be deemed as eliminating administrative liability? What administrative penalties will be available for imposing and how are they going to be imposed? What are the measurements of administrative impact, when are they imposed and what types are they? What circumstances are going to be deemed as mitigating and aggravating the offender‘s liability? What is going to be the impact of repeated offence?

Amendments to general provisions, which are going to have an impact on administrative liability of companies and their executives, will be discussed, giving consideration to the administrative penalties and measures of administrative impact that are going to be available for imposing, the procedure of imposing them and other relevant issues.

    Particularities of different types of administrative offences, relevant to companies and their executives.

What administrative offences were repealed? What new administrative offences are proposed and how their regulation will change?

We will discuss the legal changes relevant to business activities regarding administrative offences related to:

    employment and social rights;

    property, property rights and property interests;

    economics and business operations related;

    trade, finance and statistics related;

    environmental protection related;

    energetics;

    farming;

    construction and grounds‘ maintenance;

    transport and road maintenance;

    communications.

Registration to the seminar is open until 21 March via e-mail or mob. +370 612 73507.

Registration fee for Nordic Chamber members is 15 EUR, for non-members – 20 EUR.

Business breakfast seminar program

We look forward to your participation!