Kūdikio lizdas

2018 / 03 / 22


A few years ago, I lived with my husband thousands of kilometers from Lithuania and waited for the first grandchild coming to the world. We were making headlocks for a baby so welcome ... We were looking for an unusual but useful gift. We thought how to ease our children's lives, reduce the tension of waiting and provide a sense of security - both for young parents and for the newborn.

It was not a simple task, but my husband mentioned that in Finland, for every family, a newborn baby a Baby Box/ bed is given - a crib with which newborns need the necessary items. It was a novelty for me and a fantastic gift for our children! Their joy and relief prompted me to a new idea - why there are no such Baby Boxes in Lithuania? I wanted to see more shining young eyes and smiles, and most importantly, less concerned parents who are so important to prepare for the newborn.

I started to create a baby box "the Baby‘s Nest" in Lithuania. While the search for durable materials, suppliers, technologies took time, this path helped me find the main goal. Thinking about all the mothers - as mothers who are hard at work, who do not have the money and sometimes even the opportunity to buy a baby bed for their baby? Who suffer from deprivation, are single or socially at risk?

How can I help them in their home to have a safe, strong and secure place - a bed for their baby and primary supplies for baby growth?

This is where the project was born, because on the day of January 3, 2017, when „Stork Day“ is celebrated in Lithuania or the day the White Stork returns to Lithuania. This day, namely, we started with my social project "All newborns are equal!“ My goal is to donate a "baby nest" to every mum who does not have! And very, very quickly, from this project, a social business was born, which in Lithuania is still little understood, and it was difficult for me to go along this path myself. We strive to provide all of our mothers in need of assistance in Lithuania in the first birth support and give „the Baby‘s Nest“. Babies have the right to start their lives on an equal footing.

• 2017 May 30th We introduced the "the Baby‘s Nest" and a social initiative for representatives of Lithuanian municipalities!

We talked about the arrival of newborns in this world - about the stress of mothers, when they do not have everything ready for their newborn, the first half of the year, during which we have to ensure that babies grow safe and that their mothers are calm. We talked about the importance of helping all mothers today who cannot afford the tools necessary for baby's birth, and who can hardly even think about where they can get the money for the necessary items.

We announce that all newborns can be equal!

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