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2015 / 03 / 25 
March Newsletter, 2015

2015 / 03 / 25

It has become a tradition that at the beginning of the year the Nordic Chambers invite the Minister of Finance to the lunch where he introduces the country‘s budget and answers questions from the audience. This time the Minister recieved a lot of questions and that was not surprising, as Lithuania introduced new currency – euro. Many members of FLCC attended the seminar.

In January FLCC had a seminar on cultural differencies while doing business  between Finns and Lithuanians. After the seminar our new member – Nordic Productions (film making company) introduced films which they are shoting in Lithuania. The members had a chance to see fragments from the new Finnish movie Wildeye, Anna Karenina and Siberian Education (with John Malcovich).

Seminar on Tax issues was held in February. Members got  to know about recent changes in tax legislation., both international and local.

Seminar on Labor Code changes was held in February, by Maksimas Saveljevas, Managing Associate of Raidla Leijns & Norcous. Major changes in 2014, forthcoming amendments in the Labour Code in 2015 were discussed. It was requested by members to have a continuity of such seminar later when new ammendments are accepted by the Parliament.

Nordic walking in the environs of the Green laked was organized  for the members on the last day of February. As no children participated,  our instructor put us to a bit further walking route.  Hot Finnish bean soup, sausages and pancakes tasted very well after quite a walk in the forest with the sticks. Computer necks and shoulders surely were improved! Finally, sauna did the magic relaxation.

FLCC AGM meeting will be on Wednesday, March 25 at the Embassy of Finland. The new board will be elected. The guest speaker of the AGM will be the ambassador of Ukraine.

A seminar on personal data in the company and what one should know about it will be organized on April 8.     

-Rubina Haapamäki-
Executive Director
Finnish Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce  

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