Paroc acoustics concept has been nominated for the Swedish Design Award 2018

As an architect, to create varied and attractive ceilings which complement other interior fittings is desirable but not always easy, as many of the products offered on the market are white and smooth.

The architects at Bornstein Lyckefors stand, together with Paroc Acoustics, behind the idea of a new and dynamic concept for installation in grids, PARAFON STEP for Grids, which was launched at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. The launch has now been nominated for the Swedish Design Award 2018 in the Event category.

For decades ceilings have been associated with a flat, dull and bland white surface. Architects and interior designers have had extremely few, if any, options of integrating ceiling design and expression with the rest of the room, and in that way create an aesthetically pleasing whole. parafon step Thanks to a genuine cooperation between Bornstein Lyckefors Architects and Paroc Acoustics there is now a concept for dynamic suspended ceilings that creates architectural freedom, flexibility and variation both in colour and form, without sacrificing function: PARAFON STEP for Grids. In the fall of 2017, a courageous decision was made to launch and present PARAFON STEP for Grids at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2018. The objective of choosing this particular event was, of course, to present PARAFON STEP for Grids and its possibilities to architects and interior designers on their home ground. Event participation and campaign were built on a design with focus on simplicity, tactility and pure and simple warmth to appeal to the target group. The effect of a pause in messages was based on highlighting the material and product samples and their feel. The showcase area at the furniture fair was visible from afar and attracted visitors. With the items set in the showcases, suspended ceilings without walls to hold them up, pure and simple warmth and curiosity were created with the opportunity to explore by experiencing the ceiling with more than one sense.