UMA Coworking Expands in the Baltics – Openings in Downtown Tallinn and Vilnius

Technopolis’ coworking network, UMA Workspace, is expanding now in the Baltic capitals. New UMA Workspaces will open in the city centers of Tallinn, Estonia and Vilnius, Lithuania in mid-2019.

Expanding the UMA network is essential central element of Technopolis’ strategy. The aim is to have at least 20 UMA Workspaces in the biggest cities of the Nordic and Baltic Sea region up and running by the end of 2020. Technopolis already has UMAs in operation in downtown Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen. In December 2018, one will open in downtown Oslo and a second Helsinki UMA will open in the trendy Kalasatama district. In addition to the new Tallinn and Vilnius UMAs, four other new workspaces will open in 2019 and 2020: two in Stockholm, one in Warsaw and one in Espoo.

“Our UMA expansion is moving full-speed ahead now and we will continue to grow the network aggressively. We are excited to open UMAs in Vilnius and Tallinn, which are both very dynamic and rapidly developing capitals and we already have other Technopolis operations in these cities. Therefore, we know first-hand that the demand for modern, flexible and efficient workspaces is very strong there and growing: our campuses are full and customer satisfaction is very high in both cities,” says Keith Silverang, CEO of Technopolis.

Providing Choices

UMA is designed to meet the rising demand for flexibility, efficiency and superior service by offering premium shared workspaces in central locations with all the needed services ranging from state-of-the-art digital solutions and modern conference rooms to specialty coffee and networking events. Members get access to all of these spaces and services in the network with a single membership.

The new Tallinn and Vilnius UMAs both have very central locations. In Tallinn, UMA Maakri will be located in the heart of the central business district. The modern workspace will be built in a carefully restored, historical building that blends old and new in a very quirky way. As for Vilnius, UMA will be located on the top floor of a premium shopping center called GO9 in downtown.

“We are thrilled that we can now offer both our existing and new customers more choices and services. For larger companies, UMA works as an extension to their main office, while small and medium-sized companies can take advantage of the community that these spaces provide. UMA is a great choice for companies that value an international network, flexible terms and a functional yet beautiful workspace,” says Technopolis’ Service Director Niko Pulli.

UMA Maakri
Address: Maakri 19/2 Tallinn, Estonia
Space: 1,780 m²
Private offices: 42
Open area workstations: 80
Meeting rooms: 4
Opens in summer 2019

Address: Gedimino pr. 9, Vilnius, Lithuania
Space: 2,000 m²
Private offices: 36
Open area workstations: 90
Meeting rooms: 6
Opens in summer 2019

More information:
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Niko Pulli
Director, Services
+358 40 544 9014

Keith Silverang
+358 40 566 7785

UMA Workspace is Technopolis’ network of coworking spaces. UMA offers shared workspace and service solutions for small and large companies in central locations in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. In our workspaces customers can work efficiently and flexibly, either in the privacy of their own serviced offices or as part of our open working community. Technopolis has 13 UMAs in total. Beyond Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen city centers, they are located on Technopolis campuses in Finland, Norway, Estonia, Russia and Lithuania. Customers get access to all of these spaces with a single membership.


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