Bird Houses project

In November last year FLCC community together with the Embassy of Finland and the help from Vilnius Municipality  planted 18  birch trees near the Square of Finland.

This year FLCC continues socially responsible activities for the city and will raise houses for the birds (inkilai) in the designated area in Vingis park. The houses will be raised for swifts ( čiurliai), musinukės (flycatchers), tits (zylės), treecreeper (liputis), merganser (dančiasnapis), sterling (varnenai) and owl (pelėda).

Ornitolog and the bird enthusiast Gediminas Petkus will help with the technical works and tell about the birds living in Vingis Park.  The project will be implemented early this spring!   A small picnic will follow afterwards! Anyone willing to join, please contact!

The bird link: