FLCC welcomes new association member – SALDO BANK!

UAB Saldo Bank is one of the most successful and technologically advanced Neobanks with focus on the stable and the highly attractive Nordic & Baltic markets.

Complete and fully digital banking products and services (cards, accounts and services) will be launched in addition to the current offering (installment loans, revolving credits and SME loans).

Saldo has recently acquired a bank license which, in addition to complete banking services, also ensures deposits at attractive rates. This enables Saldo to offer its customers highly competitive banking and lending solutions.

Saldo bank boldly innovates and uses technology to better carry its responsibility.  The bank’s  vision is to become the most preferred neobank with a superior offering and the most innovative team on the planet!  Saldo has a fully digital business model with a high scalability offering. It has developed proven world-class scoring technology with embedded features such as time-to-event models, vector auto regressions and neural networks. The bank has capabilities to utilize PSD2, AI & ML in completing responsible and comprehensive credit decisions instantly to maximize customer experience & sustainable growth.
Saldo is a strong emerging Neobank brand with capabilities ensuring high lending rate, market leading scoring engine and customer onboarding.  It will grow both organically, through geographical expansions and by adding new products in upcoming years. This means wider selection of better and effortless services for the customers.