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Circular economy – lighting as a service – innovation from Valtavalo!

Lighting is a major consumer of energy, and fluorescent tubes, in particular, have to be continuously replaced. Replacing them with a LED light significantly reduces life cycle costs and creates direct energy savings. “In addition to poor energy efficiency, the problem with the old fluorescent tubes is the tendency of the frames to deteriorate due […]

Business breakfast „Keeping out of trouble in digital marketing“

FLCC member company Fondia is organizing a business breakfast Keeping Out Of Trouble in Digital Marketing.   What can go wrong with your marketing efforts on social media and other digital channels will be discussed over a cup of coffee by Fondia’s Senior Legal Counsel Julius Parikka and the CEO of Digital Marketing agency Komunikacijos amatininkai  Deividas Budginas. The event will be […]

Norwegian-Lithuanian-Finnish Business Lunch

The  Norwegian-Lithuanian-Finnish Business Lunch in a friendly relaxed environment,  easy  to make contacts and raise the profile of your business! Thursday, April 25, 12:00-13:00, restaurant Mykolo 4. One of the hot topics right now for many businesses, organisations and even nations is sustainability. Among most interesting findings is that along with extracting oil from the […]

Paulig quality coffee has a long coffee story!

Rich and excellent coffee has always been a vital part of Paulig. The coffee company was founded by Gustav Paulig  in 1876! Paulig Coffee holds a strong market position in Finland and the Baltics. In Russia Paulig is the second largest supplier of roasted coffee. Paulig Coffee sells and markets roasted coffee, ready coffee drinks, […]

Fondia – Nordics largest non-bar firm joined the association

Fondia is a full service business law house, Nordics largest non-bar firm, exploiting new services models and technological solutions to support companies smoothly and in a business smart way. Scalable legal department as a service, LDaaS, makes it possible to purchase legal services according to the customer’s needs with a swift and easy to reach […]

Tronhill – a new member of FLCC!

TRONHILL is a new member of FLCC! This company designs and produces office chairs which are  ergonomic, functional, attractive, comfortable and provide new opportunities for the best in office life. The company’s philosophy is to combine high technology, quality, innovations and original design to make the sitting in the chair happier:). Tronhill was established in […]

About water from Finland

Finns innovate with H2O just like a duck takes to water. Whether it’s bottling, purifying, filtering, monitoring or capturing energy, Finnish companies have a taste for water-related innovations. Finland – the land of a thousand lakes. Well, actually, it’s something more like 188 000 lakes, if you are really counting. Add to this some 1 250 […]