We kindly invite you to the 11th traditional conference ENERGY FORUM. TRADITIONAL & RENEWABLE that will take place on October 19 at Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius, Universitetas st., Vilnius.

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Last year, we organized the 10th ENERGY FORUM conference with the topic NEW REALITY, that was held under exceptional conditions. The whole world has been anxiously observing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and desperately looking for a way out of the energy crisis caused by Russia’s energy war against democratic countries. In addition, political and economic solutions were sought to preserve the green energy course.

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This year the main topic of the conference is INVESTING IN THE ENERGY MARKET OF THE BALTIC SEA COUNTRIES. HAVE WE DONE OUR HOMEWORK?. The political context of our event is still rather tense, but the prices of raw materials in the world have stabilized and the energy crisis is subsiding. After the activation of energy reloading in the EU, decisions leading to energy independence and the acceleration of green energy production have been initiated in the Baltic Sea region countries. A lot of hope was given by the green energy course and the use of renewable sources consistently declared by all politicians.

The transition from traditional fossil fuels to green energy, which has been emphasized in the EU for several decades, is in progress in all the countries. The business community expects the policy to be implement by smooth and rapid development, reducing of bureaucratic obstacles and excessive restrictions for solar and wind power plants, creating favourable conditions for the growth of the number of producing consumers and responding to the needs of the citizens to reduce prices.

However, today energy market participants are watching government decisions that are not always favorable to investors and excessive regulation of the energy sector. In addition, investors are worried about many uncertainties whether the green transformation will go smoothly and what levers will regulate energy prices.

In order to achieve energy independence from Russian resources, all the Baltic Sea region countries take necessary measures to speed up the synchronization of the electricity grids. But is the energy policy strategy being implemented smoothly and are all measures paving the way for new investments to avoid the mistakes of the past are implemented? How strong are the Baltic sea region countries as the players in the new European energy security architecture? What prevents us from avoiding the mistakes, made before the energy war caused by Russia?



Spa 19 2023


8:30 - 16:00


56 €


Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius